Churn Brushes

These are not the normal churn brushes that are found in hardware stones, they are
specifically designed to finish the lime pointing.



Goat Hair

Animal hair has to be used in the plaster for listed properties. The hair helps to bind the mortar. When looking at old plasters you can often see cow, horse and goat hair, in instances where there is no hair it is often the area which has failed. Goat Hair £3 per bundle


Fibres are ideal to mix in with Lime Plaster and Lime Render Mortars, they disperse very easily in the mortar and help bind the mortar and prevent shrinkage. They are a quicker alternative than the animal hair but it is a personal preference as to which you use.

£10 per kg

Miscellaneous Products

Hawks, Floats, Sponges, Leca aggregate, Pointing brushes and Burnt Lime.

Pointing tools £10.00 each

Ebony gloves £10.00

Eye protection glasses £7.00

Mortar remover – ideal for taking old lime mortar out of joints £8